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Q. What's navy, red, navy, red, navy, red?

A. A school tie rolling down a hill!
Submitted by Tina, Australia

Q. What is a crocodile's favorite game?

A. Snap!
Submitted by Uzzma Ahtisham age 1o K.S.A.

Q. Why is a football stadium so cool?

A. Because it is full of fans!
by Uzzma Ahtisham age 1o K.S.A.

Q. Where do you find tigers?

A. Where you lost them!
by Uzzma Ahtisham age 1o K.S.A.

Q. How many detectives does it take to light a candle?

A. Two. One to figure how to and the other to do it.
by nick resnekov age 11

Q. What do you get when you cross a shark with a snowman?

A. A frostbite!
Submitted by Rachelle D., age 11, England

Q. Why do giraffes have long necks?

A. Because they have stinky feet!
Submitted by Melissa & Vanessa, Canada

Q. What did the grape do when he got squashed?

A. He gave out a little whine!
Submitted by Tim L., United Kingdom

Q. What kind of key doesn't fit into a keyhole?

A. A keyboard key!
Submitted by The Kelly's

Q. What do you get when you sit under a cow?

A. A "pat" on the head!
Submitted by Robbie S. , Portgordon Scotland









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