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St. Patrick's Day coloring pages

Don't miss our St. Patrick's Day crossword puzzle, and other holiday puzzles too!

Hungry Leprechaun coloring pic

Hungry Leprechaun

Irish hat with shamrock

Irish Hat

Leprechaun and 4-leaf clovers coloring page

Leprechaun and Shamrock

Irish Drum coloring  book page

Irish Drum

Dancing Leprechaun coloring page

Dancing Leprechaun

Leprechaun and butterfly coloring page

Leprechaun and butterfly

Leprechaun and Pot of Gold coloring page

Leprechaun and Gold

Leprechaun race car coloring pic

Leprechaun Race Car

Leprechaun plays the piano

Leprechaun Piano-man

Pot of Gold coloring page

Pot of Gold!

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