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Bakugan Battle Brawlers

by Adam W. (age 10)

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One of the newest, hottest toys around is Bakugan. They are little marbles that open up to be creatures. Whether you buy just the Bakugan balls, a Bakugan Battle Pack, or other Bakugan accessories, you're sure to have a blast with Bakugan!

Bakugan Draganoid [Click to enlarge]
This is one of my favorite Bakugan's. Its name is: "Dragonoid". It is the attribute, "Aquos". [Click to enlarge]

Bakugans are around $6 each, and you can get three in a package for about $13. They are cool, and worth every penny!

When they are closed, each Bakugan is about an inch tall- and they look like a big marble. This makes them easy to lose- so be careful!!!

Bakugan features


Bakugan Tigrera- Move your mouse over the image to open the Bakugan!
Move your mouse over "Bakugan Tigrera" above to see it open up!

When you open up the Bakugan, that is when they get REALLY COOL! To open up your Bakugan, you can either bounce it on a hard surface (NOT good for the Bakugan) or you can use the magnetic card that comes with it. Setting the Bakugan on the card will make it spring open!

Try to find the features: your Bakugan may have feet, horns, a tail, and even extra heads!

Bakugan Stinglash [Click to enlarge]Bakugan Hammer Gorem [Click to enlarge]
Bakugan "Stinglash" and Bakugan "Hammer Gorem". Click the images above to enlarge.


Bakugan Battle Arena and other Bakugan accessories

Bakugan Evolved Preyas [Click to enlarge]

Finally, last but not least is the Bakugan Battle Arena, the Bakugan Bakuclip, and the Bakugan Bakurack. The Battle Arena is about $30 and it comes with sides that you build that are rubber. The clips hold up to three Bakugans and they come in different colors.

The Baku Rack comes with five orange clips and costs around $20. All the Bakugan accessories are REALLY COOL!

Bakugan Battle Arena, the Bakugan Baku Rack, and Baku Clips [Click to enlarge]
Bakugan Battle Arena, the Bakugan Bakurack, and Baku Clips

These are just some of the Bakugans in my collection!

See lots more pictures of Bakugans in my Bakugan photo gallery!








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