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Nintendo DS Dudes

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Our blue and silver Nintendo DSs. Nintendo DS is the great handheld game system with great games!

Have you ever wanted something that could occupy you on a boring day? Well, Nintendo DS can do just that! The "DS" stands for 'dual screen'. That's right, you get not one, but two screens! A touch screen that you control with a stylus, and a standard screen to double your fun!


It all started last year when my friend, Eric showed me his DS. I thought it was the coolest! Then, I went on a two day field trip to Mackinac Island. On the bus, everyone was playing with their DS...then I was DYING to get one! My dad saw how many of the kids had one, and he thought maybe it was time for me to get one too. However, I would need to buy it with my own money.

I had some money saved up, and I used my birthday money too. I got my DS in May of 2006. I was thankful that my parents let me get one, and soooo happy to finally get one!

The first games I bought were Nintendogs Dachshund & Friends and Naruto Ninja Council. Oh! I forgot- the DS can play Game Boy Advance games too! Ninja Council is a Game Boy Advance game.


The cover of Nintendo Dachshund & Friends. One of the great Nintendogs games from Nintendo

Nintendogs is a great game! Now there are a bunch of different versions, each with several dog breeds. There's also Lab & Friends, Chihuahua & Friends, and Dalmatian & Friends. Here's a secret... Soon, they're coming out with Nintendogs 2: Feral Edition, which will let you adopt wild dogs!

When you first start playing Nintendogs, you get to adopt your first dog for free. I picked a Siberian Husky and named him "Balto". The first thing I had to do was teach Balto his name. I must have said "Balto", "Balto", "Balto" a hundred times before he learned his name. Then, you have to train him to come when you call him.

Two dalmations play in Nintendo DS Dachshund & Friends! Training your dogs is one of the funnest parts of this great Nintendo DS game!

After that, it's fun to teach him to 'sit', 'lay down', 'roll over', 'shake', and other cool tricks. After that, you can go on walks, and enter competitions to win money so you can buy more dogs! Between all the versions, I have 14 dogs to take care of! Sheeesh! Nintendogs is great to start out with!

Next time, I'll talk more about what you can do with your DS, and also my favorite game of all time.... Animal Crossing Wild World! Be sure to check back soon!

See ya!












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