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Grand Hotel, luxury hotels, luxury accomodations

The Grand Hotel
Enjoy these luxurious accomodations during your stay!

Mackinac Island, mainstreet with  bikes, horse and buggy, and fudge shops!

Main Street on Mackinac Island
There are no cars on the island. Only horses and bikes!

Fort Mackinaw at Mackinac Island! One of Michigan's premier tourist attractions!

Firing the Cannon at Fort Mackinaw
A soldier fires the authentic 19th century cannon!

A view of the island from Fort Mackinaw at Mackinac Island!

A View from Fort Mackinaw
Climb the steep hill to the fort and be rewarded with this view!

Straits of Mackinac, Michigan tourist sites, family vacation sites, Michigan field trips, vacations, family vacations

Mackinac Bridge at Dusk
The "Mighty Mac" as seen from the shores of St. Ignace in the Upper Peninsula.

This natural arch rises high above the beach at Lake Huron. It is on the Eastern side of Mackinac Island

Arch Rock
Climb the stairs or take a horse-drawn taxi to the top!

Mackinac bridge, Mackinac vacations, Michigan vacation destinations, Michigan tourism

Mackinac Bridge in the Morning
See a morning shot of the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere as seen from Mackinaw City.

Historical recreations, Michigan travel, Michigan tourism, northern Michigan, Fort tours, Revolutionary War memorabilia

Musket Demonstration at Fort Michilimackinac
See the redcoats fire their 17th century muskets!






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