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Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

online crossword puzzle: Printable Thanksgiving crossword puzzle


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4. Many people like to eat this sweet dessert made from a vegetable.
6. Many people make a sauce or mold from this fruit.
9. This is a mixture of bread and vegetables cooked in the turkey.
12. The pilgrims came on this ship.
13. Sometimes, this jolly fat man arrives at the end of the Thanksgiving parade.


1. Many people like to eat this meat on Thanksgiving.
2. Thanksgiving is always celebrated on this day of the week.

3. On the first Thanksgiving, the ____ shared a meal with the Native Americans.
5. You can see floats, balloons, and marching bands here.
7. The month of Thanksgiving.
8. We should feel _____ on Thanksgiving for all of our blessings.
10. Many people like to watch this sport on Thanksgiving.
11. This is the season of the year in which we celebrate Thanksgiving.