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Halloween Crossword Puzzle

online crossword puzzle: Printable Halloween crossword puzzle


7. This spooky lady rides on a broom.
9. Just a bag of bones.
12. Celebrate Halloween in this month
14. The day before Halloween.
15. Take this trick-or-treating to help you see in the dark.


1. A spooky place with ghosts and goblins.
2. This Ďpersoní scares away birds.
3. this to make a Halloween jack-o-lantern.
4. Itís fun to carve a _____ to have a spooky face.
5. Black and ____ are the colors of Halloween.
6. people like to wear a _____ on Halloween.
8. This sweet treat is orange, brown, and white.
10. A witch needs this to get around.
11. Itís fun to receive a lot of _____ when you go trick or treating.
13. This animal is a sign of bad luck.