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4th of July Crossword Puzzle

online crossword puzzle: Printable 4th of July crossword puzzle



3. Many people like to have this 'cookout' on the fourth.
8. This holiday is also called _____ Day.
10. Itís fun to hold glittery ____ sparklers at night.
11. Many people like to eat this fruit on this holiday.
12. The colors of this holiday are red, ____, and blue.

1. Many cities have this on the morning of the 4th.
2. The month when we celebrate Independence Day.
4. This holiday is the ________ of our nation
5. People like to see colorful _______ in the night sky.
6. These make a loud noise when you light them off.
7. Itís fun to roast _____ oven a bonfire.
9. We celebrate our _______ on this day.