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Q. What candy can be seen from outer space?

A. Milky Way!
Submitted by Kiana C., age 11, Honolulu, HA, USA

Q. Why did the monster bring the runner with him to lunch?

A. Because he wanted fast food!
Submitted by Bryson, age 9, KY, USA

Q. What is a cow's favorite entertainment?

A. Going to the moooovies!
Submitted by Bryson, age 9, KY, USA

Q. Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?

A. Because he had no body to go with!
Submitted by Bryony W., age 10

Q. Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Lettuce who?

A. Let us in, a dog is chasing us!
Submitted by Ariel, age 13, Brooksville, FL, USA

Q. What's the one thing you can't recycle?

A. Wasted time!
Submitted by Ariel, age 13, Brooksville, FL, USA

Q. Why are violins so nervous?

A. Because they are high strung!
Submitted by Susan P.

Q. Who works at a restaurant in space?

A. Darth Waiter!!
Submitted by Joey P., 8 years old, Faribault, MN., USA

Q. What do you use to count cows?

A. On a cow-culator!!
Submitted by Tony D.

Q. Why did the nose cross the road?

A. It got tired of being picked on!
Submitted by Lisa & Ross

Q. Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Stan who?

A. Stan(d) back, I'm gonna break down your door!
Submitted by Sophie M., age 13, Albany, NY, USA

Q. Why did the clock fly out the window?

A. Because time flies!
Submitted by a Kookerkid, age 8

Q. Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Olive who?

A. Olive you very much!!
Submitted by Sylvia from Lakeland, FL, USA

Q. What did the math book say to the pencil?

A. I have many problems!
Submitted by Ana, age 12, CA, USA

Q. How do you make an egg roll?

A. You push it!!
Submitted by Ana, age 12, CA, USA

Q. Why did a stack jump in to the pool of spice?

A. Because it wanted to get spiced up!
Submitted by Rochelle D, age 12, South Perth,Perth Australia

Q. Where does the Army keep its fish?

A. In tanks!
Submitted by a Kookerkid in Hornlake, MS, USA

Q. What did 7 give to 3?

A. 7 gave 123.
Submitted by Hedy B., Canada

Q. What has a tail, a big nose, and a trunk?

A. A mouse on vacation!
Kristina,age 10, Wst Ganby, CT, U.S.A

Q. Why isn't anyone in the army named Will?

A. Because when the general says "fire at will!", every guy named Will mysteriously vanished!
Submitted by Miguel F., USA

Q. What is a witches favorite class?

A. Spell-ing!
Submitted by Rob B., Canada

Q. Why didn't the skeleton cross the road?

A. Because it didn't have the guts to!
Submitted by Jessica A. (age 14) Huntsville, Alabama USA

Q. Why is it so dark?

A. Because I'm inside of a shark!
Submitted by Adam W. (age 7) Michigan, USA



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