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  Groundhog Day news. Will Punxsutawney  Phil see his shadow?

Groundhog News

Groundhog Day is February 2nd. Will Punxsutawney  Phil see his shadow?

February 2nd

This groundhog sees his shadow as he peeks from his hole. Will Punxsutawney  Phil see his shadow?


Sunny Groundhog Day. Looks like Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow

Sunny Groundhog Day

The Groundhog and the mayor enjoy a sunny day. Looks like six more weeks of winter

The Shadow Knows

This groundhog is feeling chilly on this cold February day. Will Punxsutawney  Phil see his shadow?

Cold Groundhog Day

This groundhog looks sleepy. Maybe he's too tired to see his shadow?

Sleepy Groundhog

This groundhog didn't see his shadow. Looks like an early Spring!

No Shadow!
















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