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Kids' Favorite Toys
As selected by the Kookerkids

Check out some of the coolest toys on the Kookerkids' shopping list! Some of these toys may be just for you! Or, check out the best selling toys!

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

One of the hottest toys out right now! Collect them, trade them, and battle with them! Don't forget to get the Bakugan Battle Arena too!

  • Includes 6 Bakugan and 6 Ability Cards
  • Colors and Bakugan vary - image shown is only a sample

Speed Stacks

See how quickly you can complete the cycle with this fun stacking game!

  • Improves hand-eye coordination, and is tons of fun to play!
  • Now you can stack anywhere any time¿even after dark, or after lights out.
  • Comes with 12 glow in the dark Speed Stacks Competition Cups, the exclusive Stack Mat, timer, and MORE!

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Fisher-Price Smart Cycle

  • Customize your vehicle on screen (color/model etc.) and explore different environments!
  • Games reinforce important preschool concepts like letters, numbers, shapes and colors.
  • Child's favorite character friends offer help and encouragement during game play.
  • In Explore/ Encounter mode, the child pedals to drive through various environments, learning on the way.

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Indiana Jones Legos

Lego sets have been popular for generations! This set includes:

  • Indiana Jones, Mutt Williams™, Irina Spalko™, Russian Guard, 2 Ughs Warriors™, Armored Skeleton and 3 Akator Skeleton™ Minigiures.
  • Also features a Removable Archway, Firing Spears and Skull-dropping Booby Trap
  • Includes Fall-apart Steps, a Rotating Staircase, Spinning Skeletons and Opening Tower

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Air Hogs Zero Gravity Mini Car - Red Sports Car

  • Includes one zero gravity micro car, one controller or charger and one instruction sheet
  • Micro sized for best play action
  • Drives on your floor, ceiling and walls

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Thomas the Tank Engine Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table

  • Multi-level track is laid out in a long, wide format to make the center reachable
  • One-piece hardboard lid converts unit to an activity table
  • Deep tray provides three-dimensional play, and provides storage when not in use
  • Includes a three-piece train and cars

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Bratz World House

  • Everything you need to give your girlz a cool and fashion-savvy Bratz life
  • Rooms are open for easy movement and play
  • Features stylin' rooms for your bratz to enjoy
  • Every room is nicely decorated
  • Real life like settings

There are lots of great Bratz dolls and accessories!

Fur Real Friends Luv Cubs - Panda Bear

  • Adorable electronic and interactive Panda Bear cub s adorable.
  • Covered in soft fur and over 12-inches tall!
  • Makes a number of different sounds depending on how you play with him.
  • Starts to coo when you give him a hug.

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Fisher-Price Dora Magical Welcome Dollhouse

  • Get a surprise as you pop open Dora's new dollhouse
  • Change the eight spacious rooms' décor with pictures, mirrors, rugs, and curtains
  • Electronic accessories snap into hot spots throughout the house and magically trigger lights, sound effects and phrases
  • Dora's designer dollhouse can also be reconfigured by snapping it in different open positions, for so many new ways to play

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