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Family Vacation Ideas

Hershey, Pennsylvania

For a family-friendly vacation that offers loads of fun, check out Hershey Park and Hershey, Pennsylvania. It's great for kids, parents, and grandparents, and there's the added bonus of CHOCOLATE!

If you're looking for a family-friendly destination that offers loads of fun, check out Hershey, Pennsylvania. It's great for kids, parents, and grandparents, and there's the added bonus of chocolate!A view of some of the rollercoasters at Hershey Park [Click to enlarge]

This is the birthplace of the Hershey bar, Kit-Kat, Kisses, Twizzler, Reese's peanut butter cups, and more. Check out these highlights when you visit Hershey Park!

Hershey Park

The Great Bear rollercoaster at Hershey Park has lots of twists and turns as you hang from the track! [Click to enlarge]This amusement park offers a large variety of rides, as well as a water park. Both parks are included in the ticket price. Each ride identifies its height requirement and intensity level. There are several roller coasters that will give even the experienced rider a thrill. Our favorite coasters were Great Bear & Storm Runner.

Hershey Park Travel Tips

  • Purchase discount tickets at a Giant grocery store in town. The standard ticket lets you use the park the night (7:30 - 10:00) before your full-day visit at no extra charge. The crowds are lighter, and you can get oriented and organized for the next day's visit.

  • You are allowed to leave and re-enter the park. If you have a lot of swim gear for the water park, you can take advantage of this. We paid the extra money to park in the closer parking lot so we could return to our vehicle to get our swimming gear.

  • SKIP the Roller Soaker. The line was LONG, and the ride wasn't that fun. Plus, you will get absolutely drenched as you wait in line as riders drop water.

Hershey's Chocolate World

Hershey's Chocolate World features a Hershey factory tour, lots of chocolate, and the Hershey's characters!Visit this simulated-factory to see how chocolate is made. Right outside of Hershey Park, this building houses the mini-factory (free), movie (for pay), tickets for trolley ride around the town of Hershey (for pay), and gift shop.

Hershey's Chocolate World Travel Tips

  • For the tour of the mini-factory, visitors sit in cars and move along areas of the chocolate production line. This is especially great for younger kids. Since it's free, we enjoyed this automated tour several times.

  • The gift shop has chocolate (pretty much what you can find in any store), clothing, and other items. Our kids opted to spend their souvenir money on clothes because, unlike the candy, they're more unique to Hershey.











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